The collection of glass represented here is made up of pieces by artists and craftsmen from early 20th century America and France, especially Tiffany, Lalique, Argy-Rousseau, Daum and Galle. Predominately represented are those formed during the height of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements - the time periods regarded as the pinnacle of artistic expression for many three-dimensional media.

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Item Artist Medium Category
Blue and yellow-green vase with a neo-Grecian scene of a woman by a lake. (Item 01049)
Muller Freres glassware Glass
Bronze candle sticks with filigree shades in a spider web design, beaded fringe, self adjusting risers, signed Tiffany Studios 1402 on the shade. Tiff...
Tiffany lamp Glass, Misc
The WWI "Victory Medallion", dated 1918 with eagle and liberty bell in high relief glass. Gold iridescent with vivid blue and violet highlights. Has o...
Tiffany glass & bronze Glass, Misc
Rust colored cameo vase. (Item 01052)
Le Verre Francais glassware Glass
Blue cameo compote (fruit bowl). (Item 01053)
Le Verre Francais glassware Glass
Green and yellow vase with a handle. (Item 01054)
Daum glassware Glass
White and red-orange vase. (Item 01055)
Le Verre Francais glassware Glass
Sculpted shape of a woman dressed in purple reclining on a floral shape that serves as a vase - circa 1900. (Austria 768 stamped into the bottom) (ex...
Amphora glassware Sculpture, Glass
Handled water pitcher with a neo-Grecian girl and flower motif (possiby Amphora). - Any information concerning this piece would be greatly appreciated...
Amphora glassware Glass
Clear glass plate with a relief mermaid motif. (Item 01082)
Lalique, Rene crystal Glass
Clear glass plate with a relief bird motif. (Item 01091)
Lalique, Rene crystal Glass
Clear blue glass plate with a relief fish motif on a lid (Item 01092)
Lalique, Rene glassware Glass
Chiens No. 1' pattern depicting greyhounds, green patination, marked to the interior of the bowl R. LALIQUE/France No. 3214 (Item 01093)
Lalique, Rene glassware Glass
Domremy' pattern depicting thistles, green patination, marked underside R. LALIQUE FRANCE (Item 01094)
Lalique, Rene glassware Glass
"Hanging Dragonfly" electric lamp (Item 01095)
Tiffany lamp Glass
Electric lamp with a yellow and green glass shade and a green tree silhouette on the base. (Item 01096)
Daum lamp Glass
"Le Jour et La Nuit" (Item 01098)
Lalique, Rene clock Glass
Electric lamp with a blue and purple cameo flower motif shade and base. (Item 01101)
Galle, Emile lamp Glass
"Tulip" electric lamp (Item 01102)
Tiffany lamp Glass
Electric lamp with a green glass shade (Tiffany Studios New York 445) (Item 01130)
Tiffany lamp Glass
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