The collection of glass represented here is made up of pieces by artists and craftsmen from early 20th century America and France, especially Tiffany, Lalique, Argy-Rousseau, Daum and Galle. Predominately represented are those formed during the height of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements - the time periods regarded as the pinnacle of artistic expression for many three-dimensional media.

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Item Artist Medium Category
Electric lamp with a black shade that has a cameo orange flower motif (Item 01138)
Degue lamp Glass
Clear foil large glass centerpiece bowl, with frosted foliate details, lower half with silver and gold foil, on a stepped base. Signed 'Gunther Zura?' (Item 01139)
Unknown glassware Glass
Purple two handle cameo vase with black tree silhouette (Item 01140)
Muller Freres glassware Glass
Greenish-brown cameo vase with an oriental landscape motif (Muller Fres Luneville) (Item 01141)
Muller Freres glassware Glass
Purple cameo vase with an Art Nouveau motif (Item 01142)
Le Verre Francais glassware Glass
Electric lamp with an egg shaped glass cover which has a red faced motif (Item 01144)
Argy-Rousseau, Gabriel lamp Glass
Electric lamp with an Art Deco tiger glass front (Item 01146)
Argy-Rousseau, Gabriel lamp Glass
A French electric lamp with brownish green shade and leaf motif base (Item 01152)
French lamp Glass
Electric lamp with pate de verre shade that is purple with a flower motif. (Item 01153)
Argy-Rousseau, Gabriel lamp Glass
green bowl (Item 01154)
Argy-Rousseau, Gabriel glassware Glass
"Etched and overlaid art deco vase with purple cut to clear frosted etched depicting three eagles, engraved signature Degue - circa 1920 (Item 01155)"
Degue glassware Glass
Tiffany Studios Memorial landscape window, "River of Life" theme depicting distant hills silhouetted against the dusk sky with a river descending thro...
Tiffany etched glass Glass
Clear flower pot with a nude figure motif. (new) (Item 01158)
Lalique, Rene crystal Glass
NA├ĆADES (1926) Crystal glass with female nude motif surrounding an inset clock. (Item 01159)
Lalique, Rene clock Glass, Misc
Electric lamp with "mushroom" shape (Item 01171)
Daum lamp Glass
Clear glass flower pot with a nude female figure motif. (new) (Item 01172)
Lalique, Rene glassware Glass
Green vase with floral design painted on it. (1660D V L.A. stamped on the bottom) (Item 01174)
Rookwood glassware Glass
Blue vase with two elephant head shaped handles. (Item 01176)
Amphora glassware Glass
"Four Seasons" - Set of 4 nude female bookends (Item 01202)
Lalique, Rene crystal Sculpture, Glass
Daum shades - Wrought iron fixture with 6 lights (see 01331_2 to view chandelier with lights off) (Item 01331)
Brandt, Edgar chandelier Glass, Misc
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