The collection of glass represented here is made up of pieces by artists and craftsmen from early 20th century America and France, especially Tiffany, Lalique, Argy-Rousseau, Daum and Galle. Predominately represented are those formed during the height of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements - the time periods regarded as the pinnacle of artistic expression for many three-dimensional media.

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Item Artist Medium Category
Domed iridescent foot supporting a green slender stem and culminating in a ruffled rim floriform bowl. Favrile glass with etched mark: LCT M3446 - cir...
Tiffany glassware Glass
Twelve iridescent glass bowls and ten matching underplates (6.5" diameter) in the 'onion skin' pattern. Etched mark: LCT U3936 - circa 1893 (Tiffany S...
Tiffany glassware Glass
Iridescent mottled decoration Possibly Kralik or Harach (Item 00930)
Unknown glassware Glass
Mottled green and opalescent ground, dimples to the side. Possibly by Kralik or Harach. (Item 00931)
Unknown glassware Glass
Electric lamp with green and brown Craquelle shade. (Item 00932)
Durand lamp Glass, Misc
Dimpled vase with a quatrefoil rim. Possibly by Kralik or Harach. (Item 00933)
Unknown glassware Glass
Iridescent 'pulled feather' pattern vase, marked underside Loetz Austria (Item 00934)
Loetz glassware Glass
Loetz shades on a pair of snake shaped bronze electric lamps that are possibly by Edgar Brandt. (Item 00935)
Loetz lamp Glass, Misc
Smoked glass vase with a mermaid motif (Verbya, France) (Item 00952)
Unknown glassware Glass
Seafoam green vase with floral design. The Rookwood pottery, founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, produced experimental decorated and commercial pottery from ...
Rookwood pottery Glass
Thin necked cameo vase with tree silhouette motif. (Item 00957)
Unknown glassware Glass
Orange colored urn with lid with a swirling blue motif. (Item 00958)
Durand glassware Glass
Iridescent glass bowl with ruffled rim and magenta highlights. 1284 L.C. Tiffany Favrile etched on bottom. (Item 00971)
Tiffany glassware Glass
Green and white cameo vase with sail boats and tree scene. (Item 00972)
Muller Freres glassware Glass
Electric lamp with blue bell shaped shade (Item 00985)
Tiffany lamp Glass
Pedestaled and handled translucent blue vessel fully decorated with elaborate enameled decorations depicting foxes, birds, and an antelope. (Item 01041)
Unknown glassware Glass
Rose colored vase with pinched top edge. (Item 01042)
Rindskopf glassware Glass
White vase with band of geometric shapes in yellow, orange, and red with black outlines. (Item 01043)
Legras glassware Glass
Transluscent white vase with fish motif. (Item 01045)
Lalique, Rene crystal Glass
Iridescent glass bowl with ruffled rim, magenta highlights, etched L.C. Tiffany. (Item 01047)
Tiffany glassware Glass
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