The variety of pieces represented by this collection of art is even more apparent in this "Miscellaneous" section. "Spool Art" by Robert Crumb, animation production art from the early days at Disney Studios, and religious themed drawings by Simon Bisley, which prove that he is an artistic force of the highest order, are some of the highlights.

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Item Artist Medium Category
Cleveland & Stevenson: Mint Cardboard Jugate Badge. Measuring 1 3/4" x 1 1/4", this two-part copper shell badge has portraits of Cleveland & Stevenson...
Cleveland, Grover badge Misc
McKinley & Roosevelt: Pair of Real Photo Jugates. Check these out! This is a pair of 7/8" and 1 1/4" sepia "Our Choice McKinley Roosevelt" jugates. Ea...
McKinley, William button Misc
McKinley & Roosevelt: Unusual Large Size Jugate. This design is common in the 7/8" and 1 1/4" sizes. Not so with this 1 3/4" version. It has a Whitehe...
Whitehead & Hoag button Misc
William McKinley : Classic Rebus Button. Properly deciphered, this 1 1/4" button declares: "Count Me for [McKinley] and a Full [Dinner Pail]". This is...
Whitehead & Hoag button Misc
Bryan & Stevenson: Large and Graphic Jugate. The design on this 1 3/4" button is quite striking and patriotic. We have seen this same button in 7/8" a...
Whitehead & Hoag button Misc
William Jennings Bryan: Choice 1896 Slogan Button. Typically seen as a stud, this is a 7/8" pinback inscribed "No Crown of Thorns No Cross of Gold". T...
Whitehead & Hoag button Misc
Roosevelt & Fairbanks: Golden Bear Jugate and Rare Bull Moose Slogan Pin. We offer two real nice 7/8" TR buttons. The first is a colorful jugate that ...
Pulver button Misc
Parker & Davis: Beautiful Liberty Cap Jugate. This is certainly one of the prettiest Parker & Davis jugates. It has all the bells and whistles. It mea...
Pulver button Misc
Alton B. Parker: Handsome Photo Badge. The centerpiece of this fancy badge is a 2 1/8" hand-tinted celluloid button of "Alton B. Parker" in a roped me...
Parker, Alton B. badge Misc
Taft & Sherman: Standing Liberty Jugate. Lady Liberty is front-and-center on this 1 1/4" classic in mint condition with Whitehead & Hoag back paper. T...
Whitehead & Hoag button Misc
Taft & Sherman: Eagle and Heart Jugate. This 1 1/4" button is extremely colorful and includes an eagle, radiating star and portraits of Taft & Sherman...
Taft, William Howard button Misc
William Howard Taft: Maxfield Parrish Button. In a design no doubt inspired or drawn by Maxfield Parrish, Taft appears below a medieval page-boy trump...
Taft, William Howard button Misc
Woodrow Wilson: Patriotic Slogan Button. This 1 3/4" button pictures Wilson and reads: "'For God and Our Country ". It has a flag attachment and Ed Sc...
Ed Schlechter of Allentown button Misc
Woodrow Wilson: Man of the Hour Pin. We believe there were four different "Man of the Hour" Wilson pins made in 1912. This is the most commonly seen 1...
Whitehead & Hoag button Misc
Warren G. Harding: Starry Background Picture Pin. This highly distinctive 7/8" Harding button shows him against a field of stars with a striped border...
Harding, Warren G. button Misc
Calvin Coolidge: Patriotic Picture Pin. Silent Cal appears next to a billowing American flag on this 1 3/4" button with Joe Hizer Novelty Company of P...
Joe Hizer Novelty Company of Philadelphia button Misc
Calvin Coolidge: Large Colorful Picture Pin. Voters were urged to "Support the Coolidge Administration" on this 1 3/4" button issued in Pennsylvania d...
Coolidge, Calvin button Misc
Hoover & Curtis: Stars and Stripes Jugate. This 1 1/4" jugate from 1932 has a standard stars-and-stripes border design and is in mint condition. A mat...
Coolidge, Calvin button Misc
Herbert Hoover: Large Portrait Button. Here is a nice Hoover centerpiece. It measures close to 4" and has a cardboard back with safety-pin attachment....
Whitehead & Hoag button Misc
Robert Crumb Hand Lettered and Signed Post Card (1992). (Item 19751)
Crumb, Robert postcard Misc
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