The variety of pieces represented by this collection of art is even more apparent in this "Miscellaneous" section. "Spool Art" by Robert Crumb, animation production art from the early days at Disney Studios, and religious themed drawings by Simon Bisley, which prove that he is an artistic force of the highest order, are some of the highlights.

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Item Artist Medium Category
"Sea Monster" Illustration Original Art (WestEnd Games, 2000) published as a print through PODgallery, and in the book, Morbid Curiosity: The Art of M...
Dubisch, Mike watercolor Comic Art, Misc
Robert Crumb Hand-written Letter (undated) (Item 19666)
Crumb, Robert letter autograph Misc
Andrew Jackson: Rare 51 mm. Bronze Indian Peace Medal. 51 mm. The obverse features a bust of Jackson facing to the viewer's right with the caption "AN...
Furst, Moritz bronze medal Misc
John Bell: Three 1860 Campaign Items. This is an outstanding group of items for the Constitutional Union Party candidate in 1860, John Bell of Tenness...
Bell, John badge Misc
Horatio Seymour: Showy Ferrotype on Rosette. Here is a choice centerpiece for your Seymour display. It is an 1 1/8" ferrotype of "Seymour" mounted on ...
Seymour, Horatio button Misc
Theodore Roosevelt: Stunning Welcome Button. When TR returned from his African trip in 1910, many souvenirs were issued to commemorate the event. Whil...
Whitehead & Hoag button Misc
Theodore Roosevelt & Fairbanks: Standing Liberty Jugate. This classic design ranges in size from 1 1/4" to 2 1/8". This is the largest (2 1/8") and mo...
National Equipment Company button Misc
Theodore Roosevelt & Fairbanks: Standing Liberty Jugate. The "Standing Liberty with flowing hair jugate" is one of the best designs issued in the gold...
Whitehead & Hoag button Misc
Taft & Sherman: Liberty Cap Jugate. The Meek Company of Coshocton, Ohio produced his beautifully-designed 7/8" button. It was only made in 1912 and on...
Walter-Coughlin of Syracuse button Misc
Hoover & Curtis: Blue Jugate Mirror. Parisian Novelty of Chicago produced a lot of rare political buttons in the 1920's and 1930's and this is one of ...
Hoover, Herbert button Misc
Herbert Hoover: Rare Large Sketch Portrait Button. The unpopular Republican incumbent appears on this rarely-seen 3 1/2" celluloid button with metal b...
Hoover, Herbert button Misc
Herbert Hoover and Al Smith: Pair of Large Buttons. Bastian Brothers of Rochester produced this fine pair of 3 1/2" buttons for Smith and Hoover. They...
Bastian Brothers of Rochester button Misc
Al Smith: Exceptionally Rare One-Day Event Button. We have never seen this 2 1/4" button before. It was issued for a rally held in St. Paul on Septemb...
Western Badge & Novelty button Misc
Al Smith: Brown Derby Special. Hollywood had its "Brown Derby", but New York had its "Brown Derby" as well. It was the trademark hat of Governor Al Sm...
Torsch & Franz button Misc
Smith & Robinson: Original Al & Joe Jugate. This is one of the cleverest buttons issued in the 1920's. Measuring 1 3/4", it depicts Al Smith and Joe R...
Billy Wager button Misc
Al Smith: Impressive Jumbo Button. Whitehead & Hoag produced this 4" Smith button inscribed: "Al Smith A Winner For You". No matter what your politica...
Whitehead & Hoag button Misc
Roosevelt & Garner: Rare Jugate Mirror. Parisian Novelty of Chicago produced this 2 1/4" hand mirror that depicts Roosevelt & Garner on a light turquo...
Whitehead & Hoag button Misc
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Classic Groundhogs Button. We don't know who the "Groundhogs" were, but they supported FDR on this ever-popular "Groundhogs of ...
Bastian Brothers of Rochester button Misc
William Henry Harrison: "Committee of Arrangements" Ribbon. 3" x 8" silk ribbon issued for the "New England Convention Bunker Hill September 10th 1840...
Harrison, William Henry silk ribbon Misc
Ulysses S. Grant: Gem Ferrotype Badge. This gem badge measures 20 mm. x 26 mm. (3/4" x 1") and contains a pristine ferrotype of Grant with tinted chee...
Grant, Ulysses S. badge Misc
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