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2" diameter  
Furst, Moritz  
bronze medal  
Andrew Jackson: Rare 51 mm. Bronze Indian Peace Medal. 51 mm. The obverse features a bust of Jackson facing to the viewer's right with the caption "ANDREW JACKSON PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES A.D. 1829", with the engraver's name "FUR." [Moritz F├╝rst] beneath Jackson's bust. The reverse features clasped hands surmounted by a crossed peace pipe and tomahawk with the caption "PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP". The medal has a warm mahogany patina and is in uncirculated condition with hints of original red. Rare in this smaller size. Julian IP-16. Ex-Litman, Sullivan and Dreyfuss collections, Presidential auction, Dec. 4, 2004, Lot 526. (Item 19705)  
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