Photo Number:
8" x 11"  
Comic Art, Misc  
Crumb, Robert  
line art  
and Rory Hayes - San Francisco Comic Book #1 Advertisement Original Art (San Francisco Comic Book Company, 1970). Gary Arlington's comic book shop in San Francisco served as a meeting place for the city's Underground Comix movement. Artists like Robert Crumb would come in and trade artwork to Gary in exchange for old comic books (usually ECs, which were a tremendous influence on many of the Undergrounders). One of Arlington's employees was artist Rory Hayes, who, much like Crumb, spent his childhood making his own comics with his older brother. Both Robert and Rory, two like-minded souls, contributed art to this one-page ad that ran in the back of a comic Arlington financed, San Francisco Comic Book #1. The illustrations are on separate pieces of board, attached to a larger board. The back of the piece has handwritten indicia for a comic. From the Gary Arlington Collection. (Item s255)  
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