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7" x 6" x 3"  
pyromorphite mineral  
PYROMORPHITE. Guilin Prefecture, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. This is somewhat of a mystery specimen for the simple reason that the alleged locality: "Wu Du, Guang Xi Province, China" does not correspond to any listed locality for this mineral. What is most probable is that the piece is from one of three places: the Daoping Mine in Gongcheng County, the Yangshuo Mine in Yangshuo County, or the least likely - the Lingchuan Mine in Lingchuan County. All of these localities are in Guilin Prefecture and all have produced Pyromorphite specimens very similar to this one. Putting aside the location question and focusing on the specimen we see that it is quite large for the mineral and any of the localities listed. The coloration is a light green to bright lime-green and the crystal habit is the less often seen 'rice-grain' habit with crystals tapering towards the terminations instead of flat terminations. The larger of the crystals are approximately ¾ inch (1.8 cm) in length with many in the ½ inch (1.25 cm) bracket. There are a couple of broken crystals, but the vast proportion of them are intact and all show glassy luster. Provenance: Western Mineral (Hoppel Catalog # D2113). (Item 6159)  
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