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Rhode Island Guaranteed  
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Rhode Island July 2, 1780 Complete Uncut Fully Signed Double Pane Sheet of Sixteen About New. A gorgeous double sheet that has remained intact for 231 years despite the number of collections it has been a part of during the intervening decades. The sheet has its full selvage right out to the deckled edge of the paper. It contains sixteen fully signed Rhode Island Guaranteed notes, two of each of the following denominations; $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $7, $8, and $20. Each of the notes is numbered and signed on the face by Thomas Rumreill in red ink and Metcalfe Bowler in brown ink. The guarantee on the back is signed by Jonathan Arnold. A heavy fold at the center of the two groups of eight notes has resulted in splits. Separating this complete sheet into two half sheets would result in one of the sheets having a very narrow margin at right. A few small holes are seen within the margins. the outer edges of the sheet display a few minor splits and areas of light toning. (see 6154 to view the opposite side of the sheet) (Item 6154_2)  
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