Photo Number:
21.75" x 20"  
Comic Art, Misc  
McCay, Winsor  
Harry Houdini tribute with 13 original sketches (1918). Thirteen of America's greatest newspaper cartoonists paid tribute to the super-escape artist and entertainer, Harry Houdini. Included in the drawing's all-star line-up are: Jack Callahan, creator of Freddie the Sheik; Clarence D. Batchelor, who went on to be an editorial cartoonist for New York Daily News, New York Journal, New York Mail and New York Post; Hal Coffman, editorial cartoonist for the Milwaukee Leader; T. E. Powers, creator of Joys and Glooms and Ike and Mike They Look Alike; Tom McNamara, cartoonist for the NY Journal and creator of Us Boys, and Sandlot League; George McManus of Bringing Up Father fame; Harry Hershfield, New York Journal and Abie the Agent cartoonist; Thomas Aloysius Dorgan aka "Tad," cartoonist for New York Journal and Silk Hat Harry; Winsor McCay, creator of Little Nemo, and for a time, a fellow performer on the same vaudeville circuit as Houdini; Ed Wheelan, Minute Movies; Walter C. Hoban, creator of Jerry on the Job (who around this time was serving in Europe as a second lieutenant in the artillery); and Paul Arnot, who drew How Do They Do It?. This piece may have been done to commemorate some sort of early military service entertainment performance as several military references are made, including two caricatures of Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II. (Item 5081)  
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