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8.5" x 12"  
Prints, Posters  
Livemont, Privat  
"Absinthe Robette" - 1898. (from Maitres de l'Affiche portfolio) "Absinthe, a potent drink made from wormwood, was sometimes referred to as 'the green fairy' for it's colour and it's hallucinogenic properties. The artist therefore puts a green tinge on his whole design and evokes the intoxicating effect in a mysterious Art-Nouveau pattern that's half vegetable, half vapour. The sheerly veiled woman seems to be checking the drink she has mixed for colour and texture. An excellent example of female sensuality used in the service of commerce." - First Ladies of the Poster: The Gold Collection, by Laura Gold. Posters Please Inc. New York, 1998. (Item 3314)  
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