Photo Number:
25.5" x 39"  
Comic Art  
Saunders, Norman  
production art  
Mars Attacks Trading Cards color proof. (Topps, 1962) Topps' 1962 Mars Attacks set is one of the collecting hobby's most coveted non-sports series. The set consists of 55 cards in all, 54 are painted images, and one card features a synopsis of the story: 'Planning to conquer the Earth, Mars sends flying saucers through space carrying deadly weapons. The Martians destroy much of Earth's population, and those that are left go into hiding... Despite its losses, Earth launches a counter-attack that shatters the Martians on their home planet, Mars!' This original color proof features the color images printed onto a sheet, with the black line art on a separate acetate overlay. (Item 2908)  
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