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11" x 32"  
Comic Art  
Enric/Gonzalez, Jose  
Original cover art for Vampirella #19 which was also used for a 6 foot door poster offered by Warren a few months later. go to: to view a 7mb 100% size image. According to Enric - Warren wanted Pepe (Jose) to paint the image of Vampi since Pepe was at that time known as THE Vampirella artist. The only problem was that while Pepe was a master with pencil and colored pencil, he felt very out of his element with oil painting. So Pepe did a beautiful drawing of the poster image, but alas, could not execute it as a full-blown oil painting. So, being that he and Enric worked out of the same studio at the time, it was decided that Enric would create the oil painting, and that, to keep the matter from becoming overblown or a hassle for many, Pepe would sign Enric's finished painting and the painting would be delivered to Warren without a second thought. There was some justification at the time, that indeed, Pepe could and should sign it because, while Enric painted the finished poster image, Pepe did design the figure and complete it in pencil form. Enric followed Pepe's drawing extremely closely and while the painting is all Enric's oils, it certainly does have a "Pepe Gonzalez feel to it." (Warren, Sept. 1972) (Item 2026)  
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