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11" tall  
G. I. Joe Group including Boxed African American Figure (Hasbro, 1960s). This fantastic lot of G. I. Joe figures and accessories should satisfy any '60s Military Joe collector. Included are: a boxed African American Action Soldier (box is C7 with edge and overall wear, figure is C7 with paint rub on eyebrow, knee and elbow cracks, and a plastic chip out of the back of the waist section), a loose Caucasian Action Soldier (blonde, soft head, figure C9 with cracks at knees) dressed in Combat Field Jacket with backpack, helmet, canteen, ammo belt, and shovel. Also included is a Snow Trooper set (parka, pants [slight yellowing of fabric], gloves, skis and poles, white M-1 rifle, goggles, white ammo belt), and various other loose accessories which include: brown M-1 rifle, 2 fatigue caps, short black boots, knife with sheath, 6 hand grenades, mess kit with fork and broken spoon, bayonet, camouflage foliage and helmet netting, helmet, fatigue shirt and chevrons. Paperwork includes 2 copies of the "Removal of Boots" instructions, 2 copies of G. I. Joe club paperwork, 2 color brochures, 1 Navy manual, and 5 army manuals, some with advertising inserts. The accessories are generally C8-C9, showing very little play damage and light overall wear. (see 14599 thru 14599_3 to view other images) (Item 14599_3)  
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