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22" x 15.5"  
Comic Art  
Prohias, Antonio  
line art  
Image of Fidel Castro as a siren mermaid lulling (from the looks of the sombrero) a Mexican boat to the rocks. The following paragraphs regarding the political event pertinant to this editorial cartoon were published in the Havana Journal on May 26, 2004: "...At the height of the Cold War in 1961, President John F. Kennedy sought to retaliate against Castro by breaking diplomatic relations and imposing a trade embargo the following year. When the Kennedy administration persuaded the Organization of American States (OAS) to expel Cuba from its membership, every Latin American nation dutifully followed Washington’s lead and broke off diplomatic relations with Havana—except Mexico. Throughout the 1960s, whenever the United States tried to isolate Cuba, Mexico would go out of its way to sponsor Cuba at international forums. When Washington imposed a trade embargo, Mexico nurtured free trade with the island nation. When American administrations sought to impose hardships on the Cuban people, a succession of Mexican presidents donated oil to Havana as a form of foreign aid..." This piece is signed and dated. It was inscribed to Jerry De Fuccio (a Mad editor) on May, 22, 1962. There is a protective acetate overlay covering the artwork which is in excellent condition. (Madart) (Item 00267)  
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