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5" x 8.5"  
Comic Art, Misc  
Crumb, Robert  
ink and color pencils  
This book was returned to us in June 2012 after a multi-year loan-on-exhibition at the Norman Rockwell Museum. This original 143 page book containing the original art to Robert Crumb's Big Yum Yum Book is considered by many to be the artist's masterpiece. Originally written and drawn in 1963, it finally saw publication in 1975 by The Schrimshaw Press. Robert Crumb states - "I just want to explain that I drew this story when I was nineteen years old (1963) and still a virgin. Now I am thirty years old and find the book somewhat adolescent and immature. Personally it embarrasses me now, but probably a lot of people will like it better than the stuff I turn out currently. Others, I'm sure will put it down for being too cute, etc. I've changed a lot and so has my work, but this does have a certain innocent charm. Dana loved me for it." (see 00088 through 00088_12 to view other pages from the story) (Item 00088_8  
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