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8.5" x 11"  
Castro, Fidel  
Fidel Castro signed 3-page letter to Nikita Khrushchev dated May 27, 1960 which reads: "I thank you in the name of the Revolutionary Government of Cuba for your repeated and prompt statements in favor of our revolution, which has been very highly regarded and appreciated by our people. I am also very grateful for the special message reported to me by Mr. (illegible), as well as the invitation extended to me to visit the Soviet Union, which, when I make it, as soon as possible, will satisfy one of our great desires. For our part, we hope your visit to Cuba will be a great event in our country. The widespread and impassioned, coverage received by our revolution in the Soviet Union, the numerous publications in our favor in magazines and newspapers, together with all the other acts...and so many other reasons, which together with the...and fair commercial treaty...your interest in understanding our requests for supplies in any order, and so many other acts for which I extend my personal thanks to the Soviet people, and which the people of Cuba will show you during your subsequent visit. I wish you the greatest success in your relentless struggle for peace and friendship among all peoples of the world" (Item 00067)  
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