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13.25 x 26.25"  
Heade, Martin Johnson  
oil painting  
"Sunset Over the Marsh" oil on canvas - circa 1876-82. The salt marshes of the northeastern United States were of little interest to American landscape painters before Martin Johnson Heade started exploring them intensively during the 1860's. It wasn't that marshes had been intentionally avoided. It was worse: their pancake-flatness and relentless uniformity made them largely invisible to painters trained to look for subjects with features interesting enough to yield interesting pictures. "Marshes are monotonous and uninteresting in the extreme," was the basic sentiment. Literary figures were fairly silent on the salt marshes, too, until Heade began painting them at dawn, at twilight, in the rain, and in the moonlight with such heart-rending tenderness that a re-evaluation was eventually in order. Condition Report*: Paint surface fully intact. UV examination reveals very minor restorations which are corroborated by the written report of professional conservator, David Miller, of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, which is affixed to the protective cardboard backing on the painting. There is a ΒΌ-inch square retouch on the first "e" in the signature. Minor restoration in the upper right sky consisting of a cross shape (a one-inch horizontal line and two-inch vertical line), and in the upper center a two-inch horizontal line of restoration. The painting has had two conservation treatments. The first was by Bernard Rabin, conservator, Newark, NJ (stamp verso). The second was by David Miller of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, conservator. The frame and the stretcher are original. The painting has been relined. (Item 00050)  
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