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15" x 20"  
Comic Art  
Crumb, Robert  
poster art  
Robert Crumb and Victor Moscoso Wild Dogs "Dianne Feinstein" Illustration Original Art and Signed Print Group (1985). Zap Comix artists Victor Moscoso and Robert Crumb teamed up for this "double cover" illustration lampooning then-mayor of San Francisco (and current U. S. Senator from California), Dianne Feinstein. The twin covers were meant to be used for the inaugural issue of fellow cartoonist Dan O'Neill's newest endeavor, the Wild Dog newspaper. Feinstein, a moderate Democrat, succeeded the late George Moscone as mayor of San Francisco, one of the most liberal cities in America. She began to anger liberal groups with her new policies, which included harassing Jim and Artie Mitchell and their adults-only O' Farrell Theater. The Mitchell brothers were supporters of several Underground cartoonists, including O'Neill; Wild Dog was meant to expose Feinstein's hypocrisy and supposedly corrupt city administration. Moscoso and Crumb, both friendly with the Mitchell's, created what was to be the front and back covers of the paper's first issue. The "Welcome To My City" front side presented Feinstein (drawn by Moscoso) as Bo Peep wearing a wide skirt designed as the capitol dome; under her skirt were a number of arms, hands, and faces being squashed (as drawn by Crumb). For the "Behind the Scenes" cover, we see Bo Peep Feinstein, from the rear -- her dome skirt lifted up to expose a wild group of policemen waving and firing guns, using billy clubs, and grabbing one nude girl by the throat, all while Dianne strikes her prettiest pose and looks rather nonchalant. The Wild Dog paper never made it to press, but this second cover was printed as a very popular poster. (see 00034 thru 00034_3 to view others images from this lot) (Item 00034)  
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