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27" x 5.5"  
Comic Art  
Schulz, Charles  
comic strip daily  
Peanuts Daily Comic Strip Featuring Alfred E. Neuman Original Art dated 7-5-1973 (United Feature Syndicate, 1973).This original art features two of the most iconic characters in the world of comics, as Charlie Brown fearfully awaits the sunrise, only to find... Alfred E. Neuman! The art is warmly inscribed by Schulz to famed MAD and EC editor Al Feldstein (my hero and friend) and comes with the original mailing envelope from Schulz to Feldstein when it was gifted to Al in August 1973, a month after it was published. It was consigned to Heritage Auctions by Al's beloved daughter. The storyline for this particular strip began with Charlie waking up to discover a baseball rising instead of the sun, the shock giving him a rash on his head; all through summer camp, he wore a sack over his noggin to cover this peculiar problem, and along the way, "Mr. Sack" gets elected camp president! Finally, the rash clears, and our hero must find out if the sun will rise again for him! What a shock ending! The art is in ink over graphite on Bristol board. (Item 00010)  
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