This collection is eclectic in its overall scope. Pieces by Thomas Moran, Maxfield Parrish, Boris Vallejo, Simon Bisley, Enrich, Edmund Dulac, Max Weber, and Norman Mingo are present as well as several aviation works by Thomas Hoyne.

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Item Artist Medium Category
"Ghouls" (1807 - 1840) (Item 3577)
Roger, Eugene oil painting Paintings
"Landscape With Person" (1864 - 1959) (Item 3584)
Didier-Pouget, William oil painting Paintings
Spacemen #2 original cover painting (Warren, 1961) (Item 13092)
Minney, Bruce acrylics Comic Art, Paintings
Original Illustration (1965-1970). (Item 00177)
Minney, Bruce acrylics Paintings
Original pastel drawing (1961). Portrait of 35th U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, drawn from life while still in office. JFK posed for this por...
Lupas, Louis pastel Paintings, Misc
Original Painting (1963-1969). Portrait of 36th U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson, drawn from life while still in office. LBJ posed for this portra...
Lupas, Louis pastel Paintings, Misc
Xerox copy of a 1980 The Blood-Horse magazine article on Louis Lupas (see 0133 to view the original pastel painting of President Lyndon Baines Johnson) (Item 00133_2)
Lupas, Louis article Paintings, Misc
Original Illustration (c.1980). Most likely published as a story illustration, or advertisement. This piece is now being offered for sale at the price...
Smith, J. Frederick gouache Paintings
Original cover art for Heavy Metal, July, 1993 (Heavy Metal, 1993) (Item 00207)
Musgrove, Scott oil painting Comic Art, Paintings
Original calendar art (1940-1950). William Sickles created several popular patriotic calendar images for The Joseph C. Hoover and Sons Calendar Compan...
Sickles, William H. watercolor Paintings
Original cover art for Little Folks Coloring Book (Saalfield, undated) (Item 6352)
Kick acrylics Paintings, Misc
Winter scene with a creek. Walter Koeniger (1881-1943) was born in Germany. He moved to Woodstock, New York around 1912 where he fell in love with win...
Koeniger, Walter oil painting Paintings
Original cover art for an unknown pulp magazine (undated) (Item 1408)
Cornog, George Owen oil painting Comic Art, Paintings
Original cover art for Eerie #12 (Warren, Nov. 1967) - framed with magazine to an overall size of 23.25" x 28.25". (Item 3722)
Adkins, Dan comic cover art Comic Art, Paintings
"Captain Blood" original half-sheet movie poster illustration (Warner Bros., 1935) (Item 00069)
Raymond, Alex ink and watercolor Comic Art, Paintings, Posters
Spacecraft drawing (1983)
Gallacci, Steven color pencils Comic Art, Paintings
Image of a clown (undated) Known for her charming, fully dressed and humanized animals, Eulalie continued to draw and paint until she was 90, amassing...
Banks, Eulalie gouache Paintings, Misc
Image of three nude women by Expressionist artist Zygmunt Mazur probably done in the early 1970s. (Poland, Lebanon, North America 1922-2001)Zygmunt Ma...
Mazur, Zygmunt ink and watercolor on paper Paintings
Image of nude woman with guitar by Expressionist artist Zygmunt Mazur dated 1974. (Poland, Lebanon, North America 1922-2001)Zygmunt Mazur was born in ...
Mazur, Zygmunt watercolor on paper Paintings
Image of an ice skater - a captivating painting that does exactly what was intended - convey circular movement; your eyes never stop moving across the...
Mazur, Zygmunt oil painting Paintings
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