The variety of pieces represented by this collection of art is even more apparent in this "Miscellaneous" section. "Spool Art" by Robert Crumb, animation production art from the early days at Disney Studios, and religious themed drawings by Simon Bisley, which prove that he is an artistic force of the highest order, are some of the highlights.

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Item Artist Medium Category
Original cover art for Monster Book For Children (Dean & Son Ltd. London, 1959) (Item 6434)
Unknown cover art Misc
Original cover art for Peter Cottontail Coloring Book (Whitman, 1953) (Item 6436)
Scheuberry, Anne cover art Paintings, Misc
Original cover art for Collier's magazine - undated (Item 00179)
Unknown cover art Paintings, Misc
The original cover artwork for Stuart Little, by Garth Williams - This is a print of the line art as traced by Ms Wells from Williams' original art a...
Wells, Rosemary cover art Misc
Clothes Magazine original mixed media cover art illustration for the the Oct. 15, 1971 issue. The image has been "cut-out" as two pieces from the surr...
Meyerowitz, Rick cover art Comic Art, Misc
Dining room set - table with 6 chairs (see 01326_2 to view set from opposite side) (Item 01326)
Unknown furniture Misc
Dining room set - table with 6 chairs (see 01326 to view set from opposite side) (Item 01326_2)
Unknown furniture Misc
Palissandre finished dressing table - circa 1930 (Item 01412)
Saddier furniture Misc
Inside back cover art to Note Nov. 27, 1959 (Item s041)
Crumb, Robert ink Comic Art, Misc
Back cover to Note May 28, 1960 (see s063 to view first page of letter) (Item s063_2)
Crumb, Robert ink Comic Art, Misc
Inside pages of Note July 22, 1959 - interesting image of Theodore Roosevelt as a cat and an "ink blot test" that resulted from "bleed" from image on ...
Crumb, Robert ink Misc
Back cover to Note Oct. 22, 1959 (Item s070_2)
Crumb, Robert ink Misc
Inside pages of Note July 9, 1959 - caricature of Robert Crumb walking with a stack of newly purchased records (see s073 to view first page of letter)...
Crumb, Robert ink Misc
cityscape - dated 1964 (Item s076)
Crumb, Robert ink Misc
"The Admirer" (Item s086)
Crumb, Robert ink Misc
"E. Plurbice Yoonum" (reverse side of s094) (Item s094_2)
Crumb, Robert ink Misc
"achoo!" (reverse side of s096) (Item s096_2)
Crumb, Robert ink Misc
Toy train with bird passengers (reverse side of s101_2) (Item s101)
Crumb, Robert ink Misc
Overweight nude woman breaks a train engine (reverse side of s101) (Item s101_2)
Crumb, Robert ink Misc
"Henny" (reverse side of s103) (Item s103_2)
Crumb, Robert ink Misc
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