The collection of glass represented here is made up of pieces by artists and craftsmen from early 20th century America and France, especially Tiffany, Lalique, Argy-Rousseau, Daum and Galle. Predominately represented are those formed during the height of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements - the time periods regarded as the pinnacle of artistic expression for many three-dimensional media.

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Item Artist Medium Category
Yellow glass with a mushroom motif. (Item 3070)
Daum glassware Glass
Green pate de verre vase with Art Nouveau vined leaf motif. (Item 3073)
Daum glassware Glass
Milky green bowl with yellow leaves (Item 2276)
Daum glassware Glass
Orange cameo vase with red bell flower motif. (Item 3107)
Daum glassware Glass
Miniature tea cup set with spoons for four - Mon Guerre F. Duplomb Sue Digon box (see 2523_2 to view closed box) (Item 2523)
Daum glassware Glass
Yellow flower pot with hand painted white flower motif. (Item 3096)
Daum glassware Glass
Green to purple flower pot with dandy lion motif. (Item 3097)
Daum glassware Glass
White vase with hand painted tree motif. (Item 3104)
Daum glassware Glass
Green cameo vase with green blend to red floral motif. (Item 3108)
Daum glassware Glass
Purple and white miniature vase with painted floral motif (Item 2280)
Daum glassware Glass
Clear glass pitcher with gold leaf rim. (Item 3127)
Daum glassware Glass
Daum shades - Wrought iron fixture with 6 lights (see 01331_2 to view chandelier with lights off) (Item 01331)
Brandt, Edgar chandelier Glass, Misc
Daum shades - Wrought iron fixture with 6 lights (see 01331 to view chandelier with lights on) (Item 01331_2)
Brandt, Edgar chandelier Glass, Misc
Green iridescent Art Nouveau vase. L.C. Tiffany Favrile 538J scratched impression. (Item 3066)
Tiffany glassware Glass
Electric lamp with blue bell shaped shade (Item 00985)
Tiffany lamp Glass
Tiffany Studios Memorial landscape window, "River of Life" theme depicting distant hills silhouetted against the dusk sky with a river descending thro...
Tiffany etched glass Glass
Iridescent glass bowl with ruffled rim, magenta highlights, etched L.C. Tiffany. (Item 01047)
Tiffany glassware Glass
Bronze candle sticks with filigree shades in a spider web design, beaded fringe, self adjusting risers, signed Tiffany Studios 1402 on the shade. Tiff...
Tiffany lamp Glass, Misc
Pearlescent bowl with yellow sunflower lid. Inscribed, "Sample approved by A. J. Nash" (see 3129 to view bowl with lid on) (Item 3129_2)
Tiffany glassware Glass
Iridescent gold serving dish with removable holding section. L.C. Tiffany Favrile 1691M scratched impression. (see 3089_2 to view dish with holding se...
Tiffany glassware Glass
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