The collection of glass represented here is made up of pieces by artists and craftsmen from early 20th century America and France, especially Tiffany, Lalique, Argy-Rousseau, Daum and Galle. Predominately represented are those formed during the height of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements - the time periods regarded as the pinnacle of artistic expression for many three-dimensional media.

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Item Artist Medium Category
Purple rose pendant (Item 13041)
Argy-Rousseau, Gabriel glass jewelry Glass
Tiffany Studios Memorial landscape window, "River of Life" theme depicting distant hills silhouetted against the dusk sky with a river descending thro...
Tiffany etched glass Glass
The WWI "Victory Medallion", dated 1918 with eagle and liberty bell in high relief glass. Gold iridescent with vivid blue and violet highlights. Has o...
Tiffany glass & bronze Glass, Misc
German miniature urn with pate sur pate "cameo" image of nude female. Pate sur Pate, literally ‘paste on paste’ is the building up of a picture or...
Unknown porcelain Glass
Two handled urn with pate sur pate "cameo" image of female in flowing dress surrounded by an hand painted floral border. Pate sur Pate, literally ‘p...
Unknown porcelain Glass
"Kissing Doves" no. 1169. Handmade in Spain. (see 3616_2 to view different angle of image) (Item 3616)
Unknown porcelain Glass
"Kissing Doves" no. 1169. Handmade in Spain. (see 3616 to view different angle of image) (Item 3616_2)
Unknown porcelain Glass
Brown serving platter. (Item 3144)
Unknown pottery Glass
Hand painted 10" tall pitcher with two 4.75" tall drinking glasses. Inscribed, "May 1977 Sonoita, Arizona" on bottom. (Item 3217)
Crumb, Robert pottery Glass, Misc
Clay pot with Art Deco motif. "Colomberu 1985" on bottom. (Item 3226)
Unknown pottery Glass
Seafoam green vase with floral design. The Rookwood pottery, founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, produced experimental decorated and commercial pottery from ...
Rookwood pottery Glass
Clear crystal dish with circular center handle with pan image. (Item 3235)
Lalique, Rene crystal Glass
Crystal Cherub figure (Item 3234)
Lalique, Rene crystal Glass
Crystal bird. (Item 3244)
Lalique, Rene crystal Glass
Crystal nude female with swan. (see 3250_2 to view rear image) (Item 3250)
Lalique, Rene crystal Glass
Crystal nude female with swan. (see 3250 to view frontal image) (Item 3250_2)
Lalique, Rene crystal Glass
Crystal Cherub with lute. (Item 3254)
Lalique, Rene crystal Glass
Crystal Cherub figure. (Item 3255)
Lalique, Rene crystal Glass
Crystal nude female with deer. (see 3252_2 to view rear image) (Item 3252)
Lalique, Rene crystal Glass
Crystal nude female with deer. (see 3252 to view frontal image) (Item 3252_2)
Lalique, Rene crystal Glass
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