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Item Artist Medium Category
Original cover art for Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves #39 (Charlton, 1972) (Item 3733)
Sutton, Tom comic cover art Comic Art
Complete original 3-page story art for Adventures into Darkness #11, "The Bride of Death" (Better-Standard Publications, 1953). A short tale about a woman whose worst fears are realized on the eve of her wedding. (see 7541 through 7541_3 to view the rest of the story) (Item 7541)
Katz, Jack complete story Comic Art
Rick Bryant inks - Complete original 10-page story art for Vanguard #1, "Libretto" (Pacific Comics, 1983). An intergalactic espionage thriller, this is the story of a man who is irresistible to women, and a living planet that is immune to his charms. The art is signed by the artists on the last p...
Yeates, Tom complete story Comic Art
Complete original 8-page story art for Jonah Hex #55, "Tejano" (DC, Dec. 1981). (Item 9106)
Yeates, Tom complete story Comic Art
Original splash page art for Vault of Horror #33, "A Slight Case of Murder" page 1 (EC, 1953) (ECart) (Item 2646)
Evans, George splash page Comic Art
FAKK2 image - Cyborg with skull staff. (Item 1524)
Bisley, Simon acrylics Comic Art, Paintings
Original art illustration (1984).Mixed media with both pencil, ink, and use of zipatone. Framed to an overall size of 15.25" x 20.25". (Item 9776)
Crumb, Maxon line art Comic Art, Misc
Original art illustration, The Avocado Eater (dated 6/84) Joan Miro influenced image. Framed to an overall size of 24" x 27". (Item 9778)
Crumb, Maxon line art Comic Art, Misc
Original cover art for Fat and Slat #4 (EC, Spring 1948) (ECart) (Item 2776)
Wheelan, Ed comic cover art Comic Art
Pate de verre clear glass pendant with olive colored flower motif with black and red accents. (Item 3027)
Walter, Almeric glassware Glass
Image of two boys representing the before and after of bearing grain for market. (Item 3576)
Morgan, William oil painting Paintings
Original Painting (1963-1969). Portrait of 36th U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson, drawn from life while still in office. LBJ posed for this portrait in person, while President. Pastel on textured, tan paper, framed (33.5 x 27.5) (see 00133_2 to view the xerox copy of a 1980 The Blood-Horse ma...
Lupas, Louis pastel Paintings, Misc
Original Illustration (c.1980). Most likely published as a story illustration, or advertisement. This piece is now being offered for sale at the price of $595. (Item 00181)
Smith, J. Frederick gouache Paintings
Original 1-page story art for American Splendor, "Serial/Cereal" (Kitchen Sink Press, 1991) Written by Harvey Pekar. (Item 9800)
Sobocinski, Carole interior comic art Comic Art
Original cover art for Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #372 (Western Publishing, 1971)(Item 3037)
Alvarado, Pete comic cover art Comic Art
Original comic art for Mad #89, "Comic Strips They'd Really Like to Do" Peanuts (EC, Oct. 1964) (Madart) (Item 6621_2)
Ernst, Ken interior comic art Comic Art
Complete original 6-page story art for Saddle Romances #10, "Romance Isn't For Tomboys" page 1 (EC, 1950) (see 3555 through 3555_6 to view the other pages of the story) (ECart) (Item 3555)
Johnson, Walter T. complete story Comic Art
Complete 6-page original story art for Out of the Shadows #12, "Hand of Death" page 1 (Standard, 1954) (see 3724 through 3724_6 to view other pages from the story) (Item 3724)
Mastroserio, Rocco complete story Comic Art
Engraved image of fishermen - dated 1883 by Henry Francis Farny 1847-1916. (item 2291)
Farny, Henry Francis engraving Misc
Original comic art for Tales of Toad #2 T-shirt ad page (Cartoonists Co-Op Press, 1971) (Item 9802)
Griffith, Bill interior comic art Comic Art
Complete original 5-page story art for House of Mystery #273, "My Mother, the Witch" (DC, 1979). (Item 9116)
Fradon, Ramona complete story Comic Art
Original illustration image titled, "A German WW I Albatross D III Attacks a British F. E. 2d" - 1980. (Item 00947)
Borgman, Harry mixed media Misc
Original illustration image titled, "A Bleriot "Genie" Flies Over the French Battleship Bonvet" - 1980. (Item 00948)
Borgman, Harry mixed media Misc
Original cover art for Uncle Scrooge #186 (Whitman, 1981) (Item 3947)
Whitman Studios comic cover art Comic Art
Original cover art for Beagle Boys Versus Uncle Scrooge #5 (Whitman, 1979) (Item 3955)
Whitman Studios comic cover art Comic Art
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